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General terms and conditions for package tours

These terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations which exist between the tour operator (FOAM Travel) and the customer. The ‘General terms and conditions for package tours’ below have been drawn up by the former Norwegian Travel Industry Association (Den Norske Reisebransjeforening, DNR), now the Norwegian Tourism Forum (Norsk Reiselivsforum, NRF), in collaboration with the Consumer Ombudsman (Forbrukerombudet, FO). The terms and conditions apply to package tours which come under the definition contained in the Norwegian Act relating to Package Tours of 25.8.1995, Section 2-1, i.e. that the tour must comprise at least two of the following elements: transport, accommodation and/or other tourist service viewed as an essential component of the package. The combination shall further be arranged, sold or marketed in advance at an all-in price and last more than 24 hours or include one night’s accommodation. The terms and conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the Act relating to Package Tours (‘Package Tours Act’) and the associated regulations issued by the Ministry of Children and Equality (‘the Regulations’), and supplement the provisions contained in the Act and Regulations. The terms and conditions apply to all package tours which come under the Package Tours Act and regulations. The terms and conditions regulate the relationship between FOAM Travel and the customer.

Bookings and payments

Terms and conditions for bookings, payment of deposit and final payment are agreed with FOAM Travel. All bookings are binding.

In the case of online purchases, the booking is binding once the tour has been confirmed and paid for.

For payments, the customer will be directed to a third-party, secure on-line payment site. Please note that the payment amount will only be reserved, and not processed, until we have sent our booking confirmation e-mail to you. If we are not able to confirm the chosen tour/start date, the deposit amount will be released accordingly. In this case we will suggest an alternative start date or an alternative trip (depending on the selected tour).

Deposits are non-refundable once we have confirmed the booking.

All bookings, changes, alternations and cancellations must be made in writing and sent electronically via online booking on FOAM Travel’s website. All rates are quoted in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) per person and include taxes and VAT. FOAM Travel reserves the right to alter itineraries and accommodation in the event of circumstances beyond our control.

In case of changes of official taxation or VAT, prices will be changed accordingly.

Final payments should be done as follows:

1. Secure online payment by credit card

(VISA; AMEX, MasterCard, Paypal).

2. By bank transfer (SWIFT).

Upon booking the services we send you the invoice/booking agreement by e-mail. You can either pay on-line, as our e-mail invoice includes a link to a secure on-line payment site; alternatively, you can e-mail the invoice form back to us with your credit card details. Please note that you need our invoice to proceed with the payments.

Changes/alterations of the existing itinerary

The customer may change the itinerary after the final payments have been made, up to 45 days before tour start (certain tours/products may have other limits/terms). There may be a fee of NOK 800 for changes to a new tour/product or major changes to the reserved itinerary. If the tour/product includes non-refundable items, additional costs will apply accordingly.


All cancellations must be received in writing. The date of cancellation shall be the date when written notice is received by FOAM Travel.

1) Tours as described on the web site; individual tours, group & commpany tours

General cancellation charges: Equals the full amount paid upon booking.

Cancellations received less than 45 days prior to service start: No refund

Prior to 45 days: 50% refund

Prior to 65 days: 75% refund

Prior to 90 days: 90% refund

Remember, the booking is binding once the tour has been confirmed and paid for. We recommend taking out a travel insurance policy that includes cancellation coverage. In the event of cancellation as a result of illness, you should then contact your insurance company. The refund will be paid by the insurance company where applicable.

Scope of the booking

The booking covers the services agreed between FOAM Travel and the customer. These services are described individually for each tour. In assessing what has been agreed, account should be taken of the travel document issued, with importance being attached to the promises made in the tour operator’s web site,brochures, advertisements and other marketing material, and what the customer can expect in relation to the specified material. Supplements for sleeping accomodation are also specified individually for each tour. If the booking should deviate from the program or include additional services, this must be confirmed in writing.

Information for customers

FOAM Travel is obliged to make the customer aware of the rights and obligations that exist between FOAM Travel and the customer. This is done by means of the present terms and conditions, with which the customer must familiarise himself/herself. Be aware that the customer is responsible for ensuring that he/she has a valid passport, any visas required, the necessary vaccinations and any insurance required. Customers from countries other than Norway must be particularly aware that they may be subject to rules different from those applicable to Norwegian customers, and must make sure that they investigate the regulations applicable to the tour in which they are participating. The tour operator must make clear that he or she has the right to change the price in certain cases; see the section on changes to prices, services, etc.


All tours are offered on condition that places are available during the desired period. Book now!

Liability/Special terms and conditions for individual, group and company tours

All tours are operated by FOAM Travel, but it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure his or her own safety while participating in the tour and its activities. Safety rules and instruction will be provided, but the customer must be aware of the inherent risk involved in certain activities, and that a certain level of physical fitness is required. Some of our tour packages include activities such as mountain hiking, surfing and other water activities. In this respect, FOAM Travel acts as an agent only for the activity providers, thus FOAM Travel shall not under any circumstances be held liable for injury, damage, loss or accident caused by participation in or in connection with such activities.

In general FOAM Travel shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss or accident of whatever nature on any person or goods (including financial loss and consequential damages) incurring during, after, in connection with or as a consequence of customer’s booking, travel or stay organized through FOAM Travel, unless such is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of FOAM Travel.

FOAM Travel acts as agent only for the operators included in the tours, hereunder transport operators, hotels, external activities etc. Thus FOAM Travel is not responsible for any injury, damage, loss or accident inflicted on any person or thing (including financial damage) caused by negligence or with intent from any such operator.

The customer’s obligations

The customer must pay the agreed amount as specified in the operator’s terms and conditions; tours, activities & services shall be paid in full upon booking with FOAM Travel. The customer must not behave in such a way as to be a nuisance to fellow travellers. A person booking a tour for someone else must ensure that that person can manage on his or her own. Our guides are not in a position to provide special assistance to customers who cannot manage on their own. Customers must be basically self-sufficient or travel with a companion. If there is gross negligence of the specified obligations on the part of the customer, he or she may be turned away or excluded from the remainder of the tour, without any entitlement to a refund from the operator. In the event of exclusion once the tour has begun, the customer must cover the costs of homeward travel himself or herself. The customer may be liable to pay compensation if he/she deliberately or as a result of negligence inflicts a loss on the operator, including by failing to comply with the provisions set out above. The customer must ensure that he or she has the necessary papers for the tour (passport, visa, certificates, etc.), and takes out the insurance he requires (travel insurance and any cancellation cover, etc.). The customer also undertakes to settle any bills for extra charges incurred during the tour, e.g. minibar, telephone, etc. If these charges are not settled during the tour and are charged to us, we will be obliged to re-invoice the charges to the customer, subject to an additional fee of NOK 400.

The operator’s right to cancel the tour

The operator may cancel a tour for the following reasons:

A If the number of bookings is not sufficient to operate the tour.

B In the event of circumstances over which we have no control and which could not be foreseen at the time the booking was taken, such as war or state of war, natural disaster, epidemic, industrial disputes and similar circumstances (force majeure) which make it difficult or inadvisable to operate the tour. The operator shall notify the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a tour is cancelled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the price of the tour. The customer cannot claim any compensation over and above this, unless he has incurred a loss as a result of the operator’s own error or oversight.

Complaints/time limit for complaints

Complaints in connection with accommodation, meals, etc. must be made immediately to FOAM Travel’s local representative, otherwise the customer forfeits the right to complain. In addition, other complaints must be made within 1 month of returning home, unless there are special reasons for extending the time limit


If there is any dispute between the operator and the customer concerning the interpretation of this contract or the operator’s terms and conditions of travel in general, and the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the customer may bring the case before the Complaints Board for Group Tours [Reklamasjonsnemnda for selskapsreiser], PO Box 2924, Solli, 0230 Oslo, tel. +47 22 54 60 02, within 4 weeks of receiving a definitive response from the operator and the operator having notified this deadline. Both the customer and the operator may bring the decision of the Complaints Board before the general courts. The purchaser accepts Stavanger City Court as the Legal Venue. Any action brought against an operator or agency shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law. See also the agreement between the Norwegian Travel Industry Association and the Consumer Ombudsman. FOAM Travel has provided the necessary guarantees to the Travel Guarantee Fund.

All rights reserved

FOAM Travel reserves the right to change prices, as well as misprints in text, images and links on our web pages.

We reserve the right to make changes which may arise after the prices were printed and which will then be made known by means of a updated printed and online versions, and to make changes to the route of a tour which may arise as a result of unforeseen events. Prices are final and not subject to change/increase once customer tour has been booked and paid in full (exception: see Bookings and payments).


By paying the final amount the customer has accepted the general terms and conditions listed in this document, as a part of the agreement between FOAM Travel and the customer.

Privacy policy

We ask for personal information in the booking request section. This information is necessary to ensure that we are able to make and confirm your booking. This information will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be shared with any other outside parties except for necessary information given to the parties involved in your booking (hotels etc.).

The personal information will not be sold or shared, and your e-mail address will not be forwarded to outside parties.